Monday, July 12, 2010

Institute for New Economic Thinking inaugural grants

The Institute for New Economic Thinking, launched in 2009 with a $50 million pledge from George Soros to promote changes in economic theory and practice through conferences, grants, and education initiatives, has announced that it is accepting proposals for its inaugural research grant program.

The program, one of the institute's major initiatives , will award grants to individuals and institutions pursuing ground-breaking, high-impact research in the field of economics.

The institute plans to award approximately fifty grants a year ranging between $30,000 and $250,000 each. The grants are primarily intended to fund individuals or organizations affiliated with academic institutions, think tanks, and critical research centers. The institute is especially interested in funding early stage research and research scholars of the next generation, and also recognizes that related disciplines such as history, political science, psychology, and adaptations from the physical sciences may offer much value for the institute's program.

The institute is currently accepting proposals for the inaugural grant program, with particular emphasis on the following areas of study: political economy(the state, economy, and their interaction); theories of finance, radical uncertainty, asset price swings, and the interaction between financial and real economic cystems; new approaches to empirical macroeconomics; network and systems theory; economic history; history of economic thought; human capital and growth; and development and economic inequality.

Date due: July 31, 2010 (Initial proposal)

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